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6 May 2017

The Patchwork Heart Colour Packs

 It brings me great joy to share with you all,
 a new development here at The Patchwork Heart.

 Over the years I have become known for my mug shots,
 my daily post of colourful crochet and
 of course my colour recipes.

Many of you write and say,
 that you have no confidence putting colours together
 and although you can crochet this sadly holds you back.
 I am always so happy when I see posts in the Facebook group
from people who have been inspired by my colour recipes
 and it gives me great pleasure to share them with you.

Colour makes my heart sing!
Where ever I am, whatever I see, my brain translates it into yarn!
It may be beautiful china, colourful sweets or a pretty flower bed
but before I know it I'm imagining a blanket,
writing a colour recipe and 
am planning what pattern to make!

Well today I am delighted to announce
 that you can now buy my colour packs

I have put together a collection of the most popular colour recipes.
This brings you a fantastic saving buying a pack
 and of course saves you lots of trouble,
 searching for the list and selecting them all individually for your basket.
They are being sold by Deramores
who ship worldwide.

There are small packs
 of 6 colours ideal for baby size
or to top up your stash!

There are also larger packs for big colourful blankets
 and my hope is there is something for everyone.

The pack does not contain a pattern,
 it is a colour recipe.
You can use it for any pattern you wish.

 all of these blankets can be found on my blog,
 with helpful hints and links to the patterns I have used
 should you wish to recreate them.
You will also find many
which will help you with blanket making.

Its been such fun over the years
 naming my colour recipes and I have enjoyed asking you for help!
This will be happening more from now on
 as my work moves in a new direction.

I am moving away from taking orders and selling in my Etsy shop,
 as the designer in me needs that freedom to create!
 I do hope you will understand and I am sorry if this disappoints.
 (Orders that have already been accepted will be honoured, 
please be patient I am working through the list!)

So you can look forward to
 more colour recipes from me,
regular daily posts of colour to inspire you
and new colour packs frequently being added to the 

Pop on over to the
and see what there is!
Have a browse and do let me know
 if there are any favourites missing that you would like to see!
You can email me at


and I will be very pleased to hear from you.

Wishing you all a colourful weekend!
Make time for crochet
and enjoy the colour therapy!

x x x


Unknown said...

Thank you for the inspiration past and future xx your colour recipes give me confidence to try any new project xx looking forward to your future projects and thank you again xx

Sandra said...

All wonderful colour combinations and beautiful patterns to go with them!

Unknown said...

This is so awesome!! I love, love, love your color combinations!!!

Nicola said...

Great news! I bought your turquoise colour pack from Deramores before I even discovered your blog. I love it.

Debra said...

This is exciting, Heather! I love your work, and this makes it possible to re-create some of my favorites! Thank you!

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