Hello and welcome to Patchwork House . . . . .
my little corner of the world in England, where you will find me addicted to colour and playing with yarn!


A collection of collages
 to show my Makes each month in 2016

Thank you all for being with me this year, without you my work would be in vain! It has been a difficult year of illness and moving house twice. However I am blessed to be able to fill my days with colourful crochet. I work as a Maths teacher anymore, but I can share pictures of my crochet to encourage and inspire you, which gives me great job satisfaction!

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dumbodreams said...

it looks like you have been real busy. I absolutely adored the community flower blanket. I would like to make one but it is so much time it would mostly take me 5 years of constant flower making. I guess one square could be made in a couple of days if I was energetic enough. I sure hope whoever won that is one of the most happiest person's on earth. I know that if I had it I would never let it out of my sight and would take very good care of it. Crocheting has come a long way since the 50's, 60's and 70's. There is so much more creativity that just the plain sc, dc, and the likes. I am amazed at all the stitches that have been 'invented'. I prefer to knit because i am more creative with that but i sure love the designs that crochet brings into my life,. I just wish I was a lot younger when i had this desire to make things except then life was in the way with raising a family, working, going to school etc. Thanks so much for sharing.

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