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27 May 2014

The Photographer's Blanket

Good morning and a happy half term to you all!
Oh how wonderful it is to be sat in my sewing room
knowing that for the whole day I can work at The Patchwork Heart!
Sorry for my absence the last 2 weeks
 but once again school took over my life!

2 weeks ago I began the most exciting project . . . 
a blanket in subtle rainbow shades
 for a photographer to use as in childrens photographs!          

She chose the most beautiful shades of Stylecraft Special DK

pale rose

and I chose 5 interesting blocks from
Jan Eatons 200 Crochet Blocks

they work out at 15cm square and take approx 30 mins each to make

Oh what fun I had playing with these colours

arranging the blanket made me so happy
working out all the possible arrangements of colours and patterns

I'm sure you will agree
 that the addition of 5 different blocks
 adds much to the plain patchwork blanket

using mocha for the join
I began with simple dc using wrong sides together

this creates a strong join which makes a nice ridge
and I like its simplicity allowing the blocks to take the glory!

I first work all the rows in 1 direction
then change and join in the other direction

so now it is time for the border
a deep lace border in mocha

I will be back in a few days to share the completed blanket!

Happy hookin


Jo@awholeplotoflove said...

What a fabulous looking blanket, the colours look fantastic all together. I must keep an eye out for that book.

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

I love this blanket, yes delicious colours! :) x

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous blanket Heather, colours are wonderful, textures great! Fabulous job darling!!! Karen:O)xxx

Heidididid said...

I have said it before but I LOVE visiting your blog your such an inspiration... i picked up my jan Eaton book again its great!!

Katie said...

Lovely, lovely colours!!! Looks like a fun project! Hmm, I have that pattern book!!!

SaraJ said...

It's going to be a gorgeous blanket. I'm making a small one using the "Willow" square pattern. I think it's going to be lovely - thanks for the inspiration.
Wishing you a happy half term - the weather hasn't been kind today here on the South coast.

Linda said...

The different styles of blocks make it very interesting, I am sure it will be much admired as a photo prop in children's photographs. Great work Heather and I love all the colours too :-)

Patchwork Fairy said...

It really is a lovely blanket. Thank you for posting the time for completing a block - this will help me in planning new projects once I have crocheted one of the blocks and timed it! I am sure I will take longer than 30 mins but it's good to have a standard to aim towards!

BumbleBri said...

OH MY WORD!! This is phenomenal! I love all the different colors and the different squares! It's SUCH a fun project! I have so many books that have a similar concept, fusing different squares together to make a giant picturesque quilt. I have never thought to TRY it, but seeing how gorgeous this came out, I feel so inspired! Great work!

Miss said...

Your blanket looks beautiful
I love the old pink squares.

cockney blonde said...

Beautiful blanket. Love the colour choices, x

Gillian said...

I'm using this book at the minute to make a blanket. Can I ask a question? You join the squares first in one direction; when you are joining in the other direction what do you do when you come to the place where the join crosses over? How do you make it neat? Thanks

Lesley said...

Beautiful blanket. I must admit I have had this book for ages but never actually used it much. Will now. What an inspiration. Thank you!

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