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18 January 2015

Colour and flowers

Colour and flowers are 2 of my favourite things,
 so imagine my delight
 when I was asked to make a blanket of bright and colourful flowers!
 Immediately I knew which pattern I was going to use
 and set about choosing my colours.

I love to dive into my stash of
and chose
 lipstick shrimp saffron meadow
 spring green sherbet bluebell
 wisteria magenta fondant and pomegranate.

I make a batch of centres first 
and then the flower making fun begins

The pattern I am using is

I chose my own colours and my favourite yarn

I am not using the cream stripes
 as the pattern suggests
 but am making a square of coloured flowers

I'm afraid I don't do random!
I have to plan each row
 to make sure there is an equal spread of colours
 and this makes me happy!

The beauty of this pattern
 is that each flower is made
 and then joined onto the blanket.
 Then its tail is sewn in.
 So the blanket will be finished
 when I get to the last flower,
 no ends to sew in!

My crochet is always accompanied by a cuppa 
and as you know
 I have to match my mug to my work!
Its the little things that make me happy!

My blanket is now 2/3 complete.

When it is a square
 I will finish it off with an outside round
 of red flowers with coloured centres.

Do come back next in a few weeks to see the finished blanket.

Edit : here is the final blanket complete with a lovely red edge

Keep warm
 my hooky friends
 have a happy hooky day!




Vintage Sheet Addict said...

This is so lovely! :) xxx

Linda said...

Gorgeous blanket Heather.


Linda said...

Gorgeous blanket Heather.


Sam I Am...... said...

I just found your blog and was mesmerized by your gorgeous projects and also by how much you get done! I tried to go to your 2014 projects where you had "HERE" but it told my I didn't have permission to log in. I was logged into Google so not sure what that was about. I wish you had an archive so I could go back. I was thinking of following your year of projects and making my own versions. Call it a CYA...a crochet year along! LOL! Thank you for sharing your talent and inspiration.

angela said...

Beautiful. How could you not be happy under that

Amy at love made my home said...

Gorgeous!! I love it. How great that you won't have ends to sew in too!! xx

The Webbers living a life at the beach said...

Love it :D

Gillian said...

Absolutely gorgeous.

Gehaakt met Liefde said...

Very beautiful, I have to make one of these some day!

Kind regards,

Nini said...


Your blankets are beautiful I have only just stumbled across your blog but I am really glad I did. I think I may have to make my own willow square blanket now !


Tina said...

I have just discovered your blog and have to say I am amazed at how many beautiful projects you have made.
I have seen this pattern and fell in love with it straight away, but have not yet started. I love your colour choices and your work is so neat.
I look forward to seeing the finished blanket.

Thank you for sharing x

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