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17 May 2015

The story of the grey blanket

 This last month I have been on a crochet journey outside my comfort zone 
working with a colour palette chosen by a customer. 
in grey with spice, parchment, meadow, petrol, silver, lime,
 storm blue, mocha, denim and graphite.
You need 1 each of the 10 colours and 4 grey for joining.

She chose a solid granny square pattern which I love
 as in this pattern I can crochet over all the ends!
 First I made all of round 1

then added round 2

round 3

in all colours

round 4 and 5

and finally all edged in the grey joining colour.

Matching my mugs to my crochet was a challenge this month
 as the observant amongst you will have noticed
 that I tend to favour pretty florals in pinks and reds and blues!

But what a delight these squares became

and it wasn't long before I was enjoying
 a touch of Orla Kiely colours.

At first I thought the blanket 
was going to be dull and masculine

but it soon grabbed my attention

and the change of colour palette has been very refreshing.

64 solid granny squares
all edged
and not an end in sight!

My mathematical brain loves the patterns created by these squares
 from the stripes and the holes.

Joining was fun

and snuggling under the blanket as I made it was a pleasure.

 is such a pleasure to use for blanket making,

smooth and soft

and beautifully even.

Its no wonder this blanket has been so popular!

You can read how I make these solid granny squares
on my earlier

Hope you are all having a happy hooky weekend!




mau said...

wowww...loved the entire journey of your blanket..loved the colours and even the finished project..:)

Unknown said...

I have only just discovered your blog and I am blown away by it. So many beautiful blankets and so inspirational, I have had to go back through all your posts to see all your wonderful designs. I love your latest creation, the colours work so well together. xx

Rowena Oakden said...

I think you do your best work when you work outside your colour comfort zone, Heather. The finished piece is glorious....well done to you, and well done to the customer on her colour choices. One of my absolute favourites. Roe x

Jacqui said...

The grey blanket is wonderful, the colours work so well together and all neatly crocheted. Thank you for sharing your work, so inspirational it makes me want to start a new blanket right away!

Crafting in Eire said...

Those colours and the finished blanket are stunning. It looks very snuggily too! Well done.

Janet said...

What a lovely blanket. I would never have chosen those colours but it looks gorgeous now it's all worked up.

Miriam de Vries said...

Wow, love the colours and the pattern!
I'm making a blanket with te same pattern. Maybe you can visit my blog:

Have a nice week!
(The Netherlands)

Shirla said...

I, like you, like brighter colors but I have to say this blanket is outstanding. Makes me want to make one right now but I can't as I am trying to finish another big project. Beautiful blanket.

Jude said...

It's a beautiful pattern. I've just seen the colour pack on Deramores. Could you tell me approx how big each square works out at, using the Stylecraft DK, and which hook you used? Many thanks, Judith

Corrie B said...

This is absolutely stunning! Mad props to you.

Sam I Am...... said...

So interesting how you do your work and are so organized. I am also doing a granny square with Stylecraft DK at the moment. I am making solid color squares but not a solid granny pattern. Mine has the holes in it. It is the best pattern for watching t.v.! LOL!
Yours turned out gorgeous in those colors and so nice to know you can buy them as a package. Next I want to make one with different colors within the sqaures like you did. Beautiful work!

Unknown said...

I absolutely love this blanket. I too would have never put these colors together and what a striking combination I would have missed. Would you perhaps be able to share the final size of the blanket? Thank you so much for sharing! Linda

lifeasastitcher said...

your granny squares are wonderful!, how many skeins were you able to use on each color?
I would like to make one as well so I will know much yarn I will purchase. I went to deramores to check out and saw that there are I think one skein each and 4 skeins for the border, is that correct?

thank you.

Anonymous said...

love the blanket it is just like the one Julie made from Little Cotton Rabbits

Crafty Tash said...

I finally finished my blanket and I am really pleased with it. For some reason instead of using Denim blue I used Pistachio but it looks good. I crocheted the last round as I joined all my squares together and after some rows of grey border I finished it with a wave pattern. Really enjoyed making this pattern and thank you for sharing this with us.

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