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17 June 2016

A busy week

Hello my friends happy Friday to you all!
Today has begun with an hour working on a batch of these mini grannies. Oh they are so labour intensive at this stage and I must admit I don't like the fiddle of the ends . . . but as we all know if we want colour we have to put up with ends! As always, I'm working in a production line fashion and will do all of the round 2s in stone, then sew all their ends in.

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is how I deal with ends. Unfortunately in the traditional granny square you cant just crochet over them, as the work is not close enough to hide the ends or hold them securely, so they must be sewn in with a needle at the end. I will be writing a tutorial soon about this very topic to help the many of you who have asked.

This pretty pastel granny square blanket
 began this week and is to be a gift for a new baby.
 I have designed this colour recipe to be neutral
 and so suitable for boy or girl.

I am using

cream soft peach apricot
 stone parchment lemon pistachio
 spring green duck egg and cloud blue

Its been a busy week here at Patchwork House
 with Mandala making having been an exciting task in between blanket making.
 The arrival of a gorgeous new book

has been such a delight!

I highly recommend it!
Beautifully written with clear instructions, 
photos and charts and using UK terms!
you can find a link to it on my recommended book list
 on the sidebar to the right.
I have used

It has a fine twist which prevents splitting and a lovely sheen.
 I chose to use a 3mm hook to produce a firm texture for the mat.

The new designs I've made have been so popular
 and have flown out of my 

with great speed.
 But there are still a few others remaining if you are quick!

Finally I promised to show you the final views of the
 Juicy Fruits blanket
 which has now reached its new home.

This blanket was a special commission for a
 new yarn shop 
opening soon in Holmfirth, W Yorkshire.

For the border I chose 27 from the book

This is a great book with a fantastic choice of edgings.
 It has clear instructions written in US terms and also charts.
You can find it in my list of recommended books again on the sidebar.

It was sad to see this go as it had been a pleasure to make,
 but it really wasn't my colours,
 so I will be happy to see it soon in its new home at
yarn shop in Holmfirth.

Coming next
 you will see me working on some
Ombre Crochet
using again the

I have been plotting and planning
 lots of yummy colour blends from the wonderful colour palette of

and I think you'll agree its amazing
 how different the square looks in these colours!

so here I'll leave you
 with a little snippet of what is to come!

Have a very happy hooky evening my friends


Anonymous said...

Hello I have just found your wonderful blog while visiting from jan's ramblings. I love all your crochet projects, being a crochet addict myself. The book on edging sounds like just what i need. good luck with your blanket and all those ends! you sound like you are a true pro at those.

AlisonB43 said...

Blankets amazing as always: I am not really a mandala person, but appreciate the work that goes into them. After trying to convince myself over the last few weeks that I do not have room for the 'around the corner' book, I finally ordered it and received it today, just read it through and it is as brilliant as you say. Highly recommended to anyone, thank you Heather.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Your crochet is beautiful and I love your mandalas. Always want to try one. Right now I am hung up making hexagons for a little afghan. What fun.

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