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29 August 2016

Rainbow Baby Blanket

For a long time now I have been chasing rainbows!
Always in search of that perfect blend of colours
and the perfect number of rows
 to fit my hot water bottle and baby blankets.

This week I think I have found that pot of gold!
I have been oh so happy
 with my 14 shades for a hot water bottle cover

and 15 shades for my baby blanket.
At last I have perfected (to my eye)
 that gentle flow of colours blending from
 red - orange - yellow - green - blue - indigo - violet.

is available in over 80 shades.
It is a wonderful palette for us crochet artists and colour addicts
 and the recent new additions
 of tomato, sage, storm blue and mustard,
have made my rainbow making perfect!

To make a 60cm square baby blanket I have used 15 shades
storm blue
with parchment as the neutral in between.

This of course is personal choice
 and it would work equally well
 with silver, white or cream as the background colour.
I use a 3.5mm hook as this suits my tension, use whatever is best for you!

To make a perfect granny square,
 which is square and does not twist, follow the instructions in my

I chose to make 60cm square,
 as this is a good size baby blanket for use in a car seat or pram.
 However if you wish to make a larger blanket
 just keep repeating the colours, the recipe is designed to keep on flowing.
 So start with claret and work through to raspberry,
 than repeat from claret again till you reach your desired blanket size.

Every blanket needs an edging, just as a picture needs a frame.
This time I used a simple edging, you can read about how to do this

For my 2L hot water bottle cover I needed 1 stripe less,
 so I made the same rainbow without the sage.
I'm sorry I do not have a pattern for the hot water bottle cover,
I make it up as I go!
 You will find a great tutorial for the granny stripe pattern on

To buy all 16 shades at once would be rather expensive,
 so if you are a beginner
 I would suggest a simple rainbow of 7 shades,
 to make a more affordable option.
For a vintage look try
claret tomato mustard meadow aster violet and raspberry on parchment.
For a brighter look try
lipstick spice saffron kelly green aster magenta and fondant on cream.

This morning as I write
 there is a distinct smell of autumn in the air which fills me with delight.
There is nothing better than to layer up with cosy scarves,
 socks and boots and snuggle by the fire
 with blankets and hot water bottles!

If you have been inspired by my colour recipes please feel free to use them.
Post photos of your work on Facebook or on Instagram and tag your work with #inspiredbythepatchworkheart
for a chance to be featured on my page in my Sunday spot.

So its back to my hook now for me.
 Watch out next week for my Batik Blanket and a
with chance to win some amazing
 Stylecraft goodies!

Happy Hookin friends


Carin said...

This is sooo beautiful, those colors are perfect.

Gillyflower said...

I have used your rainbow recipes for some time. Thanks for the shorter versions too as I am starting a new crochet group and it would be good to inspire them to chase rainbows too without breaking the bank

Nicola said...

Thank you for your rainbow recommendations. When you don't have all the colours in front of you, it's hard to combine them successfully. One of these days I'm going to just buy all the colours of Special DK (I did it with the Aran and never regretted it)! I just finished a Lucy/Attic24 Neat Ripple using your turquoise colour pack which I bought from Deramores. I love it.
Nicolaknits on Ravelry

josiekitten said...

Rainbows make me so happy, I love your blanket and hot water bottle!

Janice said...

Hi, these are so lovely....the colour combination & flow work so well together. Janice x http://createdbyjan.blogspot.com

Safiyya said...

Hi heather, your work and posts are such a joy to see on Instagram. Your work is such an inspiration and soo beautiful with the array of colour palettes you use.
Thank you for the opportunity.
My email is safleurlondon@gmail.com
Love Safiyya

Unknown said...

I love the effect you've achieved with Stylecraft Batik. I haven't used it but would love to in another project.
My email is karencphilipps@gmail.com

midgetgem74 said...

I love this! What a beautiful blanket I might have a go at this one.....when I finished the 4 other blankets I have on the go ��

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for sharing your colour combinations - you have a fabulous eye for colour.

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