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11 January 2017

Wrap Around Cushion Cover Tutorial

How to make a wrap around granny square cushion cover.

This is the easiest, fastest cushion cover,
 that I have ever made and it is such fun!

1. Make a granny square using as many colours as you wish.
Please notice that my square is perfectly square
 and does not have that horrid twist that some people find in their work.
If you would like to find out how I make my granny square
 and learn a useful trick, you can read my tutorial

2. Keep making your granny square
 until it is big enough to wrap around your cushion.
 Note that when placed diagonally on the square
 the diagonal of the cushion is the same length as my square.

3. Wrap the square around the cushion,
 noticing that I have a little gap between the edges.
 This is perfect as a little stretch to join the edges,
 will ensure a perfect snug fit on your cushion.

4. Crochet together the 2 edges starting from the corner.
I have used UK dc through both loops for a good strong join.
If this method is new to you, you may like to read a joining tutorial

5. This makes a ridge on the top. 
Notice how I continued over the centre onto the 2nd half.

6. Join again in the 2nd direction, crocheting over the previous join.
(If preferred you could sew the edges together.)

7. Tadaa! Now you have a cushion cover!

8. You can choose to join using your last colour
 or an alternative colour for a different effect.

9. This really does make a perfectly shaped cushion
 with 90 degree corners and perpendicular sides.
 Its is so easy and addictive, beware you will make many!

Patchwork House is full of cushions!
I will always make more!

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Have fun hooking these beauties




Nicola said...

Simple and beautiful. Thank you.

Unknown said...

What a fantastic idea! Thanks xx

Pelagia said...

Man, now I want to make one... As if I don't have enough projects on my hands right now :D

angela said...

Very cute indeed!

selina said...

lovely cushion covers & very creative colour combinations

but what if you want to change the covers?
this is the problem i have been coming across for the many knitted cushion cover patterns i have, there are no buttons so i can't take it off & i haven't figured out how to put a flap on it like a pillow case slip cover, i thought that might be the easiest to do? otherwise they are all very lovely
thanx for sharing

let's talk said...

Gorgeous, as always but what do you do if you want to wash the cover? Do you have cushion-inners that are machine washable? Thanks Heather xx

Janice said...

Lovely idea !! Janice http://createdbyjan.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

I'm going to do one of these but as I also want to be able to take off the cover to wash it, I'm only going to c really crochet together 3 of the 4 triangular sides, leaving one flap open (like an envelope) which I'll fasten to the centre with a loop and button hopefully it'll look ok! If not I'll just crochet the flap and then to remove the cushion I'll just have to rip out those stitches rather than the whole X.

Radka said...

What a great idea!

Mama Bear said...

I have just discovered your beautiful blog, Heather, and am so excited to see so many gorgeous projects and in such delicious colours, too! They are absolutely lovely and I am amazed at your talent and skill. These cushion covers are a fantastic idea for using up left-overs from bigger projects, and are just the right size not to feel too overwhelming! I can see myself making lots of these. I've been reading some of your other posts tonight and like you I've got a chronic illness (fibromyalgia) which means I am often housebound and suffer from pain and severe fatigue, so these cushion covers will be a perfect project for me when I'm feeling too unwell to tackle anything bigger (I've just started Lucy's Moorland blanket CAL from Attic 24 and although I'm enjoying it, one row of that is enough to finish me off for the day!). I have to say I really adore your work - it is just so lovely to look at and the colours have such a beautiful, painterly quality to them. I am so pleased to have found you! Sending you lots of thank you's for sharing your wonderful work with us all! Love, Rubekah x

Sandra said...

I love this idea for a cushion colour. So simple too. You don't seem to leave a space to take out the cushion when you wash the cover. I expect this could be done on the last edge of the triangle.

Kathy said...


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