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16 May 2017

The Beginners Blanket

If you would like to make your first blanket,
 then carry on reading, 
I will take you through the process of all you need to know!

To begin with most people learn how to make a granny square.
I have a tutorial to teach you with step by step photos to help.
When you have a pile of squares come back for the joining
 and then for the border.

For this beautiful vintage style granny blanket 
I have used 8 shades of Stylecraft Special DK.
You can buy this yarn
You can of course use your own colours too. 

8 colours is enough to make
 49 granny squares of 7 rounds,
 so you can choose
 a square blanket 7 by 7 or a rectangular blanket 8 by 6.

I used
duck egg, buttermilk, sage, vintage peach, parma violet, grape,
 storm blue, pale rose and duck egg joined with mushroom

I made a rectangular blanket so needed 48 squares. 
This works out nicely at 6 centres of each of the 8 colours.

You can learn how to make a granny square

Organisation is very important to me.

It makes the process quicker and ensures an even balance of colour.

You can read about how I plan colours 

I would encourage you to start good habits now
and sew the ends in as you go!

Once the granny squares have 7 rounds,
 they are ready to edge in mushroom for joining.

I use the bed for this next step, to save bending down on the floor!
Lay the squares out in your desired arrangement,
 trying to ensure an even distribution of colour.

I then number each row using a scrap of paper
 and store the piles in a basket ready for joining.

There are many joining methods available.
My favourite is to crochet the squares together to give a strong join.
For beginners I recommend
crocheting together from the back, using UK dc, through both loops.
You can read how to do this

The join is made in rows of 1 direction first,
 then repeated in the opposite direction.
This makes a strong flat join with a ridge on the back.

Every blanket needs a border,
 just like a picture needs a frame!

I recommend the book
"Around The Corner" by Edie Eckman.
You can buy this on Amazon
(Please note this book is written in US terms.)
I have used border 27 for this blanket.

The final things I do for every blanket is to wash it.
This has the effect of blocking and helps to settle the joins.
Follow the instructions on the ball band.
For Stylecraft Special DK I wash in the machine
 at 30 degrees using my regular soap powder and softener.
 I then tumble dry on LOW HEAT.

So now the fun begins!
 Go and choose your yarn.

If you have any questions not explained in my tutorials,
 please email me at
 and I will try to help.

Have fun blanket making

I wish you many happy hours of hooking!



Debra said...

That is a wonderful tutorial, Heather! Although I'm not a beginner, I will print this and use it for reference, particularly because I admire your work. The part about weaving in the ends as you go is especially helpful, since that is the part of the process that I enjoy the least! Many thanks!

patrizia vi. said...

It's for me a pleasure read you! You keep me company with your precious tutorial, your blankets full of joy. I'll carry on to follow you cause you give me the energy to go on, and overcome moments of dejection. Thanks a million Heather. <3

Granny_J said...

I've been making granny square blankets for 50 years and love all the possible color combinations. I've printed out your tutorial and also bookmarked this page. My great granddaughter is interested in learning to crochet blankets and this would be a good one for her to learn.

Pamela said...

Love the colors and the information! Thank you! 💗💝😁👍

The Patchwork Heart said...

Colours now added to blog post. Sorry I could not reply to you by email as you did not give your contact details.

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